The Medicine Mounds

The Medicine Mounds are a series of four dolomite mounds standing as high as 1700 feet in an otherwise flat landscape. Due to natural springs providing water, native Americans sheltered, worshipped, and gathered indigenous medicinal plants here. Because of this unique environment, the Comanche Nation believed these mounds to be sacred. They would gather for vision quests and to communicate with nature and the spirit world. That tradition is still honored today as Native Americans return annually to the mounds at Medicine Mounds Ranch to seek spiritual guidance.

Settlement of the Area

Near the ranch is the ghost town of Medicine Mound and the Stermer homestead. The rock buildings in these photos are in Medicine Mound, while the frame building and implements are on the Stermer homestead.

The Downtown Medicine Mound Museum preserves the history of the town and its pioneer families.

Medicine Mounds Ranch

Medicine Mounds Ranch is a privately-owned cattle ranch including over 20,000 acres in Hardeman County, including the historic Medicine Mounds. It is located about 12 miles southeast of Quanah, Texas.

The ranch was founded by Frank Bufkin along with his wife and children in 2012 as a family-owned and operated cattle ranch. It has turned out to be so much more than that over the years. The history of the area intrigued Mr. Bufkin enough to want to help preserve what he could. This has grown to include preserving downtown Quanah by reclaiming and restoring many of the historic buildings. The restoration efforts can be enjoyed by the public through Airbnb vacation rentals, restaurants, and more. He works closely with city officials and residents to revitalize the community and stimulate the economy through tourism events.